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Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair

USD 49


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Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair - Manufacturer: Precision Power - Mfg Part Number: pt4 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Precision Power pt4,709483037298,Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair"


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Category: Other / Other
  • CATALOGNAME: product catalog
  • KEYWORDS: "Precision Power pt4,709483037298,Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair"
  • SKU: BC13407
  • MANUFACTURER: Precision Power
  • PRICE: 48.8000000
  • RETAILPRICE: 59.990000000
  • ONLINE: yes
  • INSTOCK: yes
  • CONDITION: new
  • WARRANTY: 30-Day Mfg Warranty

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Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair Reviews

I think Precision Power pt4 Bullet Tweeter 100w Max Pair is one in all best product on this website. It’s worth and worth is reasonable however it’s quality is high. So I suggest you to buy this. But if you not positive about my comment you’ll be able to check customer review at online store first.

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